LDS Temples

Buildings dedicated to be a House of the Lord, they are considered by church members to be the most sacred structures on earth. Temples are different than meetinghouses. The temple is designated as a holy place, a site of beauty, peace and purpose, worthy of God’s presence. As such, people who enter the temple are asked to be pure in heart and spiritually prepared for this sacred venue. That does not mean that those who attend the temple are perfect. Rather, they are striving to keep God’s commandments and the promises they made at baptism. Going to the temple is a demonstration of personal faith and a deep, ongoing commitment to God’s plan.

Beyond such paradise melting my heart

It tells and complete what is life

Through the Stake Presidency, Leaders and Members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, they made me whole and have the best courage

For such a big inspiration of all, it’s the best way to thank Him for all

How awesome and glorious His teachings

Been preaching the gospel is the best feeling

To every young men and young women

Keep knowing ang learning His great words

Seems that there’s something wrong with me

Praying and hoping for changes

May the Holy Ghost abide till last

Through Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father

Guide us all now and forever…..